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CORONA VIRUS NOTICE: Homeopathy does not treat named diseases, Homeopathy treats individuals with specific symptoms. I offer support to individuals experiencing symptoms associated with viral flu (or any other condition),  and, in accordance with homeopathic tradition, I therefore make a bespoke,  individualised prescription based on the specific presenting symptoms of  that individual.  Once again, Homeopathy does not treat named diseases, Homeopathy treats individuals with specific symptoms.  Homeopaths do not treat named diseases, we treat individuals with specific symptoms in accordance to homeopathic philosophy and tradition developed by Dr Christian Friedrich S Hahnemann. I can offer support to individuals  experiencing the symptoms of viral flu. The support comprises a  bespoke, individualised prescription, which may include (in addition to  homeopathic medicines) nutritional advice, vitamin/supplement  recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and other appropriate advice in addition to,  of course, what the UK  governement and NHS official advice which is be followed to by patients.

All consultations are now carried out via Skype. 

Please also note that all phone calls to my clinic are also monitored for training purposes.


Are you looking for a higher level health of health?

Perhaps you are struggling with your child's health? Do you suffer from chronic health problems or even acute ones that keep recurring?

Would you like to learn basic homeoapthic remedies as a tool for self-care ina cute non-serious/emergency health situations for you and your family?

Are you looking for an expericned homeopath?

Then you have come to the right place?

Welcome to what may be a brand new experience  for you. 

Homeopathy is unlike anything you have tried before.

Oftentimes people assume that homeopathy is like naturopathy, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, or like some toehr alternative healthcare system. Homeopathy is different from all these modalities.

Unfortunately the word homeoapthy has the prefix "home" in it and it gives the impression that homeoapthy is synonymous with home remedies, food supplements, vitamins and herbs. Maybe you have tried all of these above and much more and still feel no better. 

Homeopathy, per se, does not incorporate any of these tools above mentioned. Homeopathy is a department of science in general medicine. It is therefore a comprehensive system and as it should be with all specialities and branches of medicine; homeopathy makes no claims to cure. 

However, many people swear they have been helped by homeoapthy. About 200 million people worldwide use homeopathy to treat acute and chronic ailments.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic medical method that works by using small doses of a substance to help to stimualte the body's healing forces and all this without any causing side effects!

For this reason, Homeopathy is non-toxic, safe, effective and suitable for all age groups, including women during pregnancy. Both, aptients with acute and chronic conditions have benefited from homeoapthic treatment. Homeoapthic remedies can act fast in some conditions whilst others requeire more consistent treatment.

The purpose of the homeoapthic remedy is to stimualte the antural healing potential of the  body.

Homeopathy recognise the intimate connection between the mind and body. Homeopathy looks at the patient through a holistic way including their mind, body and spirit, their life circumstances and situation. Hence Homeopathy treat the individual and not the disease. 

Homeopathy also helps to resolve past and present emotional stressors and thereby strenghtens the immune system. A stronger immune system promotes a greater general health.

The aim of hmeopathic treatment is to improve your health and to maintain last well-being. Homeoapthic remedies can be taken alongside medications prescribed by your doctor. 

Homeopathy offers much of what conventional medicine has to offer (anti-inflamatories, anti-bacterials, anti-virals, analgesics) but without side effects of the conventional drugs.

Homeopathy treats individuals not conditions. 

My patients contact me with a wide range of health problems and concerns. Some of the most common are: Fertility problems, Pregnancy uncomfortable symptoms, Labour, Infants and Babies problems, Post Natal Depression, Children with all kinds of Health Issues as well as behavioural and developmental ones, Allergies, Hay Fever, Emotional Trauma, Skin Conditions, Anxiety, Chronic Cough, Migraines, Asthma, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Cystitis, IBS, Chronic Constipation, Diarrhoea, Recurrent Tonsillitis, Recurrent Ear Problems, Recurrent Nose Problems, Menopause Issues, Stomach problems, Menstrual Problems, Arthritis, and many other Chronic complaints as well as Acute Conditions: Colds, Flus, Sore Throats, EarAches, Teething problems, Colic in babies, Acut Respiratory Problems, Acute Sinusitis, Sprains, Strains, Penetrating Wounds, Abscesses, Bee stings, Bumps after falling, Chronic Effects of Head Injuries and much more.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Renata Hines

BSc(Hons), DDS, Lic LCCH, MARH

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Would you like to get my self-care guide for colds, coughs, flus and acute non-emergency, non-serious serious health situations for you and your family, tips, insights, offers ?

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This animation helps to explain what individualised homeopathic treatment is all about, and how it could be the safe, gentle and non-toxic healthcare choice you've been looking for. 


The content of this website is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional homeopathy or medical advice. Contact you professional health care provider if you suspect you have a medical problem.