Renata Hines BSc(Hons) DDS Lic.LCCH MARH Classical Homeopath  Shefford

Renata Hines BSc(Hons) DDS Lic.LCCH MARH Classical Homeopath  Shefford

Renata Hines BSc(Hons) DDS Lic.LCCH MARH Classical Homeopath  SheffordRenata Hines BSc(Hons) DDS Lic.LCCH MARH Classical Homeopath  Shefford


Welcome to what is probably a brand new experience for you. Homeopathy is unlike anything you have tried before. 

Oftentimes people assume that homeopathy is like naturopathy, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy,  or like some other alternative healthcare system.  Homeopathy is different than all these modalities. 

I have had also people thinking that Homeopathy is related to beauty therapy and colonic irrigation.    No! Homeopathy has nothing, nothing at all to do with any beauty  

manoeuvre  including colonic irrigation.

In fact, Homeopathy is a branch of medicine and it is a therapeutic medical method that works by using a small dose of a substance to help stimulate the body's healing forces.

Unfortunately  the word homeopathy has the prefix “home” in it and  it gives the impression that homeopathy is synonymous with home remedies, food supplements, vitamins and herbs.

 In reality, Homeopathy does not incorporate any of these modalities.

 Homeopathy looks at the patient through  a holistic way including their mind, body and spirit, their  life circumstances and situation.   

 Homeopathy helps resolve past and present emotional stressors and thereby strengthens the immune system. A stronger immune system promotes general health.   


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 I  qualified as a professional homeopath over 20 years ago at  London College of Classical Homeopathy and have been practising Classical Homeopathy  since then.   For this time period, I have treated people of different  ages and conditions (examples here)

Homeopathic prescribing and treatment is a highly individualised approach to each person and his/her condition, and partnership between the homeopathic consultant and the client is essential.  I am committed to creating this partnership with every client I work with.

My objective is to  fully understand how the symptoms of patients are affecting them and suggest the homeopathic remedy best suited for them as  individuals.  Ttreat people in a holistic way to improve their well being is my  commitment, therefore working with each patient to find the most effective route to optimum personal health and well being using a well established system of classical homeopathic philosophy and remedies.  Homeopathy can be used alongside other forms of medical treatment. All consultations are fully confidential.   

I look forward to speaking with you should you wish to find out more about homeopathy.


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