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Growing up in a family of farmers led to my interest in health through natural methods since an early age. I first encountered homeopathy in 1985 when suffering from repeated throat problems since early age. 

At the time I did not think that those "small white pills" would do anything to resolve a life long problem. But it did. 

A few years later I started suffering from many health problems leading to bad health. These  health problems  made me realise that mainstream medicine did not have the answers.

I tried many different conventional  medical prescriptions and alternative therapies unsuccessfully until I went back to Homeopathy,  when   finally my health started returning to me   again.  Again, I was so impressed that I decided to find out more about Homeopathy. 

After completing a four year course followed by apprenticeships with a few experienced homeopaths, I set up my first clinic in 1999. 

I am a fully qualified classical homeopath and my objective is to provide patient centred care and high standard of treatment.  As a classical homeopath I am dedicated to practise according to the stringent principles established by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and his disciples.  Since starting my practice, I have been treating patients of all ages and backgrounds.

I  am also a qualified dental surgeon (no longer practising) , and have been able to draw upon my many years of experience in this field of training when working as a homeopath today.  

I am registered member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths ( and I am bound by their Code of Ethics.  I can also be found on  Find a Homeopath Register ( The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths is a member of the European Central Council of Homeopaths.  To be accepted onto the register I completed a professional qualification and clinical examinations and a period of  apprenticeship while still studying classical homeopathy. I am a fully insured practitioner and abide by the  Code of Ethics and Practice. 

Since qualifying, I have been continuing my post graduate professional development by attending many training courses. From the beginning of my training in Homeopathy  up to middle of  2018, I carried on studying at Post Graduate workshops run by classical homeopath Sheilagh Creasy, whose experience spanned over five decades. The teachings of Sheilagh Creasy teachings  had great  influence on my work.   I also study  'Homeopathy, Evidence Based Medicine: Strategies and Techniques"  under  by  Erik Van Woesel in order to carry on with my continued learning.

I  also  consult people around the world. You can connect with me from anywhere in the world using email, phone  and Skype

The Snooks : What happens when you visit a homeopath?

This animation helps to explain what individualised homeopathic treatment is all about, and how it could be the safe, gentle and non-toxic healthcare choice you've been looking for. 

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