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"I have been treated by Renata for a couple of years now. I started the homeopathic treatment in my 50s, and my main complaints were chronic recurrent ear problems, sinus infection that I had since I was a baby as well as allergies. I can say that homeopathy has cured me from my chronic ear infections. And my allergies have been so much better than before I started treating with classical homeopathy. I can say my allergies and resulting chronic sinusitis have improved 80% to 90% since starting homeopathic treatment.  When I came to Renata I was under many medications including melatonin. The conventional medicine alternative was regular use of anti-histamines, corticosteroids and repeated antibiotics courses for the acute flare-ups of my chronic problems and I did not want stay on that road with their debilitating, health wrecking, heavy side-effects any longer. Renata also taught me several things to help me with my general health like dietary advice and other forgotten advices that follow nature's order and which have been forgotten our modern times. I feel well looked after and very safe in Renata’s care even though I live in New York and mainly “meet and consult with” her on Skype and over the telephone. 

I do not hesitate to recommend Renata to anyone who is in need of homeopathic treatment. I am very grateful for having Renata as my homeopath. Most people don't realise how well homeopathy works for the the whole body. Thank you Renata! Thank You Classical Homeopathy"- Mrs. Denise W 

"I am 18 years old and have been treated with homeopathy since birth. My mother used to bring me to consult with Renata, but now I come on my own. Not sure how I would be able to cope without it and with all the school exams and teenager angst. She helps me to see stuff through a different perspective and to keep me healthy as I have never had to resort to conventional medicine. Renata is a knowledgeable Homeopath." - Master E R  

 "Homeopathy has always been effective for me even when I started the menopause and had moments of depression, and I didn't want to take the conventional medicine prescribed by doctors. I would also say that I believe all this is due to Renata because she is very insightful, caring, knowledgeable and intuitive. I'm very grateful to her. Very professional and extremely trustworthy. Congratulations on your work." - Ms R P 


"I started being treated by Renata with Homeopathy almost 5 years ago, at 35 years of age. I can say without a doubt that homeopathy has saved my life.

I have suffered from depression since I was a child and have always been medicated with very strong conventional medicines which, as time went on, no longer had any effect on my depression and only made me feel more and more like a zombie.

When I started the treatment, I was in my worst crisis of depression. I thought only about killing myself and I was afraid to even be alone for that reason.

It was a very difficult road, perhaps impossible to be travelled, without the ability and commitment of a professional like Renata, who despite all the difficulties, never abandoned my case and persevered with me in my search / quest for recovery.   

Today the depression is under control and now I only use homeopathy, which has given me a better quality of life.  I would like to take the opportunity to deeply thank both homeopathy and Renata." - Miss A M

"I have had problems with spots of dark stained skin which appear on my forehead, cheeks, nose and upper lip since 2009. They formed a shape of a "huge symmetrical map" on the skin of my face. The dermatologists I was seen by diagnosed them as melasma. All the skin specialists I saw told me that I had to learn to live with the dark stained skin on my face. The specialists also told me that at the most these patches of darker pigmentation in my skin would be clearer with their treatment but they would never disappear. I am grateful to classical homeopathy and Renata for having helped me with them, as the melasma has now almost completely disappeared with the homeopathic treatment over the 2 years.   Thank you for being such a wonderful professional." - Ms J  F 

"I have treated my son with homeopathy since he was 8 months old. He is now 27 months old. We have never  given him antibiotics. He started nursery this year and he catches every cold that is going in nursery. This time he was unwell for over a week and then developed an earache. The remedies prescribed by our  regular private homeopathic doctor were not doing anything, helping my son's ailment.. On top of that, our regular homeopathic doctor was not returning  my calls.  I then took my son to a conventional doctor/GP and we left the surgery with an antibiotic prescription and fever of 39.5 Celsius.  I did not want to give my son antibiotics. I remembered my friend know of a homeopath. This friend of mine spoke to Renata who kindly listened to me  and my whole explanation of my son's situation. By now my son was crying in pain, with high fever. Renata very kindly took on my son's acute case  and  prescribed the homeopathic remedy he needed. Renata warned me that his fever was going to peak again and that it is a sign of healing and that he would probably fall sleeping. She also advised me to keep my eye on him and his fever while he slept. It was a weekend  and thankfully I had the remedy at home which I had kept from past homeopathic prescription. I gave him the homeopathic remedy, he fell asleep and whimpered very quietly, after about 2 hours he started to sweat as the fever went up a bit more, he slept from 1:30pm until 7:30pm. Then he woke up as if nothing had happened for the last week. He asked for food and played happily. Renata followed my son's case for another three days after the improvement of his earache, and repeated the same remedy twice according to my updates to her and until the discharge started coming out. Renata and homeopathy saved us from giving him his first antibiotic. My own mother was very impressed with the whole unfolding of the healing process. Thank you so much Renata." - Mrs P L B 

"I felt a sting on my finger whilst weeding my allotment on Saturday morning. Thinking nothing of it I did nothing but was surprised when a small blood blister had appeared that evening. It burst, releasing a small amount of pus and I assumed that was the end of the matter. However by Monday morning the whole finger had swollen and was hot to the touch. The point of the sting was a red circle about the size of a ten pence piece. The whole finger was in agony and I had to take painkillers. At this point I contacted Renata whom I know very well. She immediately prescribed a remedy (can't recall its name) and told me to take this every few hours for a couple of days. On Wednesday the site released some pus.  By Thursday the heat had gone but the swelling was bigger than ever. Renata prescribed another remedy, explaining that the infection was ready to be expelled. Sure enough on Saturday morning the site burst, releasing a ball of pus the size of a large pea! The pain ceased almost immediately and the swelling was gone by the next day.

Now I did a bit of research on the internet (who doesn’t) and it seems I had a bacterial infection known as cellulitis. This can apparently be quite serious and the orthodox advice is to immediate seek medical advice and take antibiotics for a week – by when the infection should have cleared up. Now by using homeopathy the treatment was efficacious over the same period – but without the need for antibiotics. 

I firmly believe Renata’s homeopathic treatment of my infection was as good (if not better) than taking antibiotics and may even have prevented a more serious condition such as septicaemia. Thank you Renata." - Mr P R J

"Renata is a very thorough, caring homeopath. We moved to Henlow last year just finding out that our then 12 year old son had tree allergies on top of an asthma diagnosis, and other animal  allergies ( many emergency hospital admissions through September/ winter typically) Our son , is getting a simple cold would tip over into asthma then hospital. Since being treated alex has not experienced to date ( 4 months ) any asthma or allergic reactions   . I am a clinician working in the health system so I wouldn’t take any treatment modality lightly. I was 100 % sure that Renata would help us and she did. Not only that she was always available for a follow up or a supporting word when going through the process of clearing. Really really grateful we found you thankyou Renata ♥️ "  - Mrs L N 

PLEASE NOTE: The following statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people who have been treated by me. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would also like to state that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe homeopathy works as a classical homeopath. You may however take notice from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy. Some of the reviews above were  left in the Google Business page of my practice, others are from patients' testimonials sent to me via email for the purpose of being placed on this website. 

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