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How to book a consultation or to find out more

You are welcome to contact me if you wish to discuss homeopathic treatment. I book all my own appointments. I rely on my answering machine.  I will do my best to contact you back on the same day.  

Face to face and Skype/FaceTime/Zoom appointments are available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays 9am - 3pm. Evening and Saturdays appointments also available upon request, limited availability.

Adults (18 years and above)
£90 - Initial Homeopathic Consultation (1 and a half hours aproximately)
£60 – Follow-up Consultation  (30 mins approx.)

Child (up to 18 years)
£55 – Initial Homeopathic Consultation (1 hr approx.)
£45 – Follow-up Consultation  (40 mins approx.)

Infants under 1
£45 – Initial Consultation (45 mins approx)
£35 – Follow-up Consultation (30 mins approx)

Acute Consultations (over the phone or face to face)
£ 30 - (20 mins approx)

Online consultations must be paid for in advance of the appointment's start by following here.

Payment  via PayPal 2 days before appointment. 

Cancellations/rescheduling at least 24 hours before appointment.

Home visits to patients with physical disabilities can be arranged, there is an increment of between £10.00 and  £20.00 which must be paid  in advance via online bank transfer

You can  also book your own  appointment through online booking system by clicking   here .

Patients who have discontinued treatment for a period of twelve months or more may be considered a new case, and be charged accordingly. 


1. Fees are to be paid at the same day of consultation.   Payment can be cash, cheque or via online banking if paid two days in advance. Unfortunately I don't accept card payments.

2. Online consultations must be paid for in advance of the appointment's start by following here

Some private insurance companies cover homeopathy in which case I can provide you with a receipt for your treatment. 

I have medical insurance. Will insurance pay for me?

For an up-to-date list of Private Medical Insurance companies covering homeopathic treatment go to The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths -

You may also need to check your individual policy with the provider.

What happens during a homeopathic consultation?

 When you first make contact I will ask your reasons for  seeking my help, any medical test results and treatments. This enables  me to assess if it is appropriate for you to start homeopathy.  If not, I  refer you back to your doctor or suggest you seek assistance from  another health professional.  During your homeopathic consultations I  encourage you to continue ongoing treatment with a medical  professional.   Your first consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss all aspects  of your health in privacy and confidence.  I take a holistic view of  your health to select a homeopathic remedy that best matches you as an  individual. I supply the homeopathic prescription, at the end of the  consultation or a few days later in the post. 

In most instances I supply a single named remedy which  you take as a one off dose or on a repeated basis for a limited period. I  provide lifestyle and dietary advice if appropriate.   We agree a plan and arrange follow-up consultations at time intervals  appropriate for you, usually 4-6 weeks apart, or sooner for acute or  very painful conditions. 

To monitor how you are progressing, I often ask you to  report (by phone/email) between appointments.  At follow-up  consultations (usually about 45 minutes) we discuss changes you have  experienced, and I supply homeopathic prescriptions as required.    The time you will need to see a homeopath and number of consultations  depends on the reason why you sought help and how you respond. Timing of  return visits is determined by individual need. For long term  conditions, once you are making good progress, I monitor your progress  by phone or email, I supply remedies by post and you return for  consultations as needed. 

Many  patients have been registered for a number of years and consult me as  and when the need arises. Homeopathy is tailored to the individual’s  needs.   It is important that you have sufficient information to make an  informed choice about your healthcare.  I encourage you to have medical  tests offered by your doctor and to take opportunities to discuss  options.

As your homeopath, I am not only  interested in your physical symptoms but also take into consideration other aspects of your life, such as stress, relationships, traumas, reactions to environmental changes, diet, quality of sleep, personal traits, your past medical history, etc.

This is your time and space to explore and discuss your health concerns, thoughts and feelings. My aim is to listen and to seek to understand you as an individual, both in health and disease in order to prescribe a remedy tailored to you. I will also many questions regarding your health problems.

All the information provided is treated with respect and in strict confidence.

Contact me 
Phone No: 01462  416 479

01462 416 479                        email:

Please Note: All calls are recorded for training purposes